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Expert Litigation Support

Litigation support includes field testing and the review of all available documentation.  Findings and conclusions are published in disclosure reports that present opinions and the basis for those opinions (field observations, code references, manufacturer specifications, etc.).  Photographs and field notes are published along with identifying information.


Preparation for deposition, arbitration, mediation, or trial includes a review of all available material to date.  When requested, culpable parties are identified and responsibility is allocated.  


Trial preparation includes the creation of trial Power Point presentations, trial demonstratives, and direct examination outlines.

Property Investigations

Marcon performs forensic evaluations for property owners, condominium associations, and others to assess structural and water intrusion damage. These investigations focus on identifying causation and developing cost-effective repairs. They typically involve site visits, review of available documents, possibly some testing, and the preparation of a report.


The report describes the issues at the property, the extent of the investigation, observations made and conclusions reached.  The report also includes repair recommendations sufficient to obtain repair pricing information (construction and building department-ready repair plans require additional work.  See Damage Repairs).

Insurance Claim Investigations

Marcon performs insurance claim investigations for weather related damage, as well as for damage from vehicle strikes, tree damage, soils movement, and fire.  These investigations include site visits, photographing the damage, and the preparation of field notes.


Following the site visit, a review of all available information is conducted and a report is generated describing all damage observed, the cause(s) of the damage, and describing the repairs that may be needed.


Marcon insurance claim site visits are conducted as soon as possible following notification of the event.  Damage reports are expedited to be published as quickly as possible.

Damage Repairs

Following an assessment of the project and the identification of the source of the problems, Marcon prepares repair plans for approval by the proper municipal agency in accordance with current building codes.  


Marcon can also assist with the pre-qualification of bidders for the repair contract, and with the preparation of a Request For Proposal (RFP) to go out to potential bidders.   Once the bids are in, Marcon can review the individual bid packages to assure compliance with the repair intent and to make sure all bidders are bidding "apples-to-apples".


Once the winning bid is selected and construction starts, Marcon attends regular site visits to assure compliance with the approved plans and specifications, and to help resove any unforseen problems that may rise up during the demolition/construction process.

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